IRS Centers

Looking for Independent Rear Suspension handling along with the versatility of a Champ quick change center section? The Speedway Engineering IRS unit is what you need!


  • Suitable for any high horsepower car
  • Many custom differentials available to suit your needs
  • For improved handling, we recommend the DPI Platinum Track torque sensing ring gear carrier
  • Available with Porsche 930 CV flanges, Spicer U-Joint flanges, or Flanged yoke
8000A-1 SCQC-IRS with Aluminum Spool Carrier, 4:11 Ring and Pinion
8000B-1 SCQC-IRS w/Detroit Locker Carrier, 4:11 Ring and Pinion
8000C-1 SCQC-IRS w/DPI Platinum Track, 4:11 Ring and Pinion
8050-2 Option — Add 930 Aluminum Carrier Porsche CV Flanges (2)
8050-9 Option — Polished Center