Quick Change Center for Early Ford Bells

Speedway Engineering will mate our Hypoid Quick Change Center Section to your bells and tubes, and build it to your specified width. Using late model billet ends for large bearing Ford, 31-spline axles, we will install your mounts then straighten the housing. We will also provide any bolt pattern that will fit your wheels.

Here are just a few of the advantages of this quick change:


  • The heavy duty (9310 material) ring and pinion (4.11:1) is made at U.S. Gear in the USA
  • The 4-Spider open, heavy duty, 31-spline carrier is ideal for the highway, for racing or for the drag strip!
  • A heavy duty input shaft that accepts 1-1/4"-10 spline quick change spur gears. More than 35 ratios to choose from!
  • Accepts all 1310 U-joints
8500-SR-EF SMQC-Street Rod Early Ford Assembly,includes 4-Spider Open Carrier, Flanged axles, one gear set — Customer provides tubes and bells