Mod Lite Rear Hubs

Our IMCA approved Mod Lite Rear Hubs provide you with the most reliable and durable hub on the market today! If your track requires steel hubs, this is the lightest package available in the industry.


Late Models • IMCA Modifieds • Pro-Stock • Dash Series • Entry-level (Mod Lite Floater applications)


  • Strong, lightweight forged five-lug hub
  • Heat treated and fully inspected in-house
  • Standard is steel, but also available in high-quality aluminum
  • Replaceable steel rotor adapters
  • Rotor adapters also available in aluminum
  • Fine or coarse high quality studs included


  • Available in three different bolt circles: 5 x 5", 5 x 4-3/4", 5 x 4-1/2"
  • Steel hubs use brake rotor adapter, Part #5306B-7 (8 x 7")
  • Aluminum hubs use a standard Stock Car brake rotor adapter, 8 x 7" (#5306B-1) or 8 x 7-5/8" (#5306B-2)


Assemblies include: Hub, drive plate, rotor adapters, studs, races, bearings, seal, dust cap, lock nut, washer, O-ring, hardware and lug nuts. Bare hubs include studs and races only. Specify fine or coarse studs and rotor adapter bolt circle required.

5311A Rear Hub, Steel 5x5" (bare)
5311A-10 Rear Hub, Steel Assembly — 5x5" BC (Alum. Dr. Plate)
5311A-11ML Rear Hub, Steel Assembly — 5x5" BC (Steel Dr. Plate)
5311B Rear Hub, Steel 5x4-3/4" (bare)
5311B-10 Rear Hub, Steel Assembly — 5x4-3/4" BC (Alum. Dr. Plate)
5311C Rear Hub, Steel 5x4-1/2" (bare)
5311C-10 Rear Hub, Steel Assembly — 5x4-1/2" BC (Alum. Dr. Plate)
5312A Rear Hub, Alum. 5x5" (bare)
5312A-10 Rear Hub, Alum. Assembly — 5x5" BC (Alum. Dr. Plate)
5312B Rear Hub, Alum. 5x4-3/4" (bare)
5312B-10 Rear Hub, Alum. Assembly — 5x4-3/4" BC (Alum. Dr. Plate)
5312C Rear Hub, Alum. 5x4-1/2" (bare)
5312C-10 Rear Hub, Alum. Assembly — 5x4-1/2" BC (Alum. Dr. Plate)
7050-26 Replace with Alum. Rotor Adapter (spec. Bolt Circle)
7050-29 Replace with Steel Mod Lite Drive Plates (791-ML)
7050-22 Replace with Steel GN Drive Plates (#791-1L)