Mini Stock Hubs and Front Spindle Pin

Speedway Engineering's rugged, lightweight aluminum Mini Stock Front and Rear hubs provide the strength necessary for dirt and asphalt stock car racing. They are used by many championship teams for over 20 years, these are the best 4-lug hubs available on the market!


Baby Grand • Pro Four • IMSA GTU • SCCA GT 3 & GT 4


Front Hub Assemblies include: Hub, studs, races, brake rotor adapters, dust cap & hardware. Bearings and seals are available from your local parts house (1970-1980 Pinto). Outer bearing part number: 12749, inner bearing part number: 68149, seal part number: 6815.

Rear Hub Assemblies include: Hub, drive plate, studs, races, bearings, seal, brake rotor adapters, dust cap, lock nut, washer & hardware.

Bare Hubs include races and ARP studs.

Please specify rotor adapter bolt circle and stud preference.


  • CNC machined and fully inspected in-house
  • High quality, heat-treated billet aluminum
  • Utilize either a standard 4 x 4-1 /4", 4 x 4-1 /2" or 4" X 110mm stud pattern
  • Rear hub kits include 7075 T6 heat-treated aluminum drive plates. Steel drive plates available.
  • Front and Rear hubs feature billet dust caps
  • Front Hub fits Pinto spindle or #5300-9 spindle pin


  • Bolt-on aluminum rotor adapter allows use of all standard rotor sizes — 6 x 5-1/2"BC Other Rotor Adapter Bolt Circles available: 8x7", 8x7-5/8", and 10x6.8"
  • Choice of two ARP 1/2-20 stud lengths available (3" or 3.5")
  • Hubs black anodized to resist corrosion
5307-1 Front Hub, Bare — 4x4-1/4" BC
5307-10-1 Front Hub Assembly — 4x4-1/4" BC
5307-2 Front Hub, Bare — 4x4-1/2" BC
5307-10-2 Front Hub Assembly — 4x4-1/2" BC
5307-3 Front Hub, Bare — 4x110mm BC
5307-10-3 Front Hub Assembly — 4x110mm BC
5310A Rear Hub, Bare — 4x4-1/4" BC
5310A-10 Rear Hub Assembly — 4x4-1/4" BC
5310B Rear Hub, Bare — 4x4-1/2" BC
5310B-10 Rear Hub Assembly — 4x4-1/2" BC
5310C Rear Hub, Bare — 4x110mm BC
5310C-10 Rear Hub Assembly — 4x110mm BC
7050-3011 4X4-1/4" Steel Drive Plate (Optional)
7050-3012 4X4-1/2" Steel Drive Plate (Optional)

Pinto Spindle Pin — Part# 5300-9

This Mini Stock Spindle Pin fits Speedway Engineering Mini Stock front hubs and stock Pinto front hubs.

Pinto Spindle Pin