About Us

Speedway Engineering Philosophy

For over 50 years Speedway Engineering has been dedicated to manufacturing precision-built rear ends and chassis components for race cars.

Founder Frank Deiny’s dedication to providing racers the best racing equipment quickly became the mission statement of the business, and under his leadership Speedway Engineering became a primary source for racers in the top divisions of NASCAR, ARCA, and many other top stock car racing categories. Performance, reliability and first-class service became the key characteristics of Speedway’s growing product line.

Throughout the ‘90’s and today, Speedway Engineering has grown under the helm of Ken Sapper, expanding the product line to include an entire list of suspension and drivetrain products: Ford 9” Rear End Housings, Quick Change Differentials, Axles, Sway Bars, Hubs, and a comprehensive line of suspension components.Ken’s experience as a racer and long-standing knowledge of Speedway Engineering (one of the first employees) has enabled Speedway Engineering to continue its position as an industry leader.

Speedway’s success has been a result of its dedication to understanding the racer’s needs and filling those requirements. Speedway Engineering products represent the best in performance and reliability, manufactured to the highest quality standards and serviced by a staff that has the experience and knowledge to make a difference.

At Speedway Engineering, we’re dedicated to performance. We look forward to the opportunity to help you reach the winner’s circle.


Communication with the racers is the first step in designing each Speedway Engineering product. We listen to their requests and combine it with our knowledge of the products already available. By improving the old to fit the new, we make real parts to fit real needs.


Racers and Engineers get us to the drawing board. We take new ideas and use CADCAM programs to test and prove theoretical performance. If the product looks good on the screen and passes initial criteria tests, a prototype is born.


By keeping our highly trained crew educated in the latest production technology and updating our machinery regularly, we are able to manufacture all of our products in-house. Since the production of every part remains under our watchful eye, we know that the Speedway Engineering standard of quality remains uncompromised.


We encourage our employees to constantly challenge themselves by only promoting within the company. Their pride in their work and dedication to the company is reflected in the quality of every Speedway Engineering product.


Efficiency and affordability go hand-in-hand at Speedway Engineering. We continuously strive to build parts more resourcefully to keep our prices as constant as possible. From the Saturday night racer to the NASCAR professional, we believe in the superior quality of our products and strive to make them available to all levels of racers.

An Open Letter to All of Our Customers

Ken Sapper, President

As the president of Speedway Engineering for almost 30 years, it has been my honor and privilege working with the best racers in the country to provide the best possible equipment on the market year after year! It gives me a lot of pleasure to supply people just starting out and guiding them in the right way. This holds true also for championship teams that depend on our parts for their daily operations, as they have a very tough schedule and can afford no failures.

It was our company's founder, Frank Deiny, who gave us the vision to always be improving and never say, "It's good enough". All of us here at Speedway Engineering are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to put you and your race team in the winner's circle! We are continually purchasing the latest CNC equipment to be efficient and to produce the best precision engineered parts in the industry today. That is a bold statement, but it's one we can live up to. Just ask one of our many "championship team" customers. They will tell you it wouldn't be possible without Speedway Engineering parts!

I am so blessed to have here at Speedway Engineering a very talented crew that is absolutely committed to your winning! From the CNC programmers, the machinists, the welders, assemblers and office staff, everyone here thanks you for choosing Speedway Engineering as your source for rear ends, hubs, axles and sway bars!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Wishing you the best in racing,

Ken Sapper Signature

Ken Sapper, President